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I’m a total believer now!

Went to Dr. Anna for my foot pain, and ended up having several other issues resolve as well! She takes a thorough history, and all I can say is that the herbs are the BOMB. They are the way to go! I’ve never used herbs as a remedy before and let me tell you… I’m a total believer now! My

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I definitely recommend her

I have always had a fear of needles, and never considered acupuncture as a mode of healing for myself. (Lots of needless suffering with that belief) After my first session, including her teas that are tailored specifically for the symptoms I was having- leg cramps, trouble sleeping, anxiety, and more-I began to see improvement! (No more leg cramps after the

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She supported me on my fertility journey

Anna is a master. She is knowledgeable, kind, and deeply invested in the wellbeing of her clients. She supported me on my fertility journey, and I am beyond grateful for her loving care. Before working with Anna, I had never experienced healthcare that was so comprehensive: after every visit I left her office feeling supported, mind, body, and spirit.


A Phenomenal Practitioner

Anna is a phenomenal practitioner. She is thorough, knowledgeable, intuitive and has a gentle beside manner. I have suffered from a 20 year old ankle injury that has undergone 2 surgeries and caused me severe pain. Recently, this injury made me start to limp and not want to walk at all. After my first visit I stood up and walked

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