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The Dandiest Dandy Wild Spring Veggie!

Oh Dandelions!

They are getting so much more positive attention these days!

I dug these up from our yard, which isn’t sprayed- notice the roots, buds, flowers and leaves! There is a small window when they are  in their prime as a seasonal vegetable. Now is that window to harvest them as food! Once they have completed blooming, they become a bit tougher and the bitterness increases. They are still medicinal anytime!

Their medicine is Yang Ming Tai Yin, which means they clear internal heat and regulate water metabolism.

Yang ming internal heat can manifest as dry mouth and thirst, acne, PMS/irritability, red eyes, dark or burning or incomplete urine and/or stool, and heat sensations.

Tai yin digestive symptoms can manifest as bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, urinary disruption, fatigue, brain fog.

Dandys clear heat and drain damp, preventing the body from overheating and drying out, and from storing, and accumulating damp, phlegm and pus.

With seasonal consumption they improve the flow of urine and bowel movements.  This means they also are supporting the absorption and transformation function, by improving elimination. When we absorb, transform and eliminate well we feel good! I really noticed the healthy urine flow and bowel movements after eating dandelions.

Flowers clear heat from the face and eyes

Leaves clear heat and damp from the bladder and intestines

Roots benefit the stomach’s body fluids, digestive fluids to improve absorption.

Whole plant benefits the breasts, decreasing midcycle or PMS breast swelling, benefit prostate by improving urinary flow, increase normal cell growth by benefiting absorption and transformation, benefit the skin by reducing acne, boils pustules.


Here is my new favorite recipe:


4-5 whole dandelion plants dug up from the root, from a place you know is clean. Wash well to get ALL the gritty dirt off.

Probably they are best harvested from January to May.

Slice the whole plant length-wise so you have long thin pieces, you can cut these into smaller pieces so they are easier to eat

6 cloves garlic, sliced thin

1/4-1 whole jalepeno de-seeded and sliced longways into 1/4″ by 2″ pieces

1 Tbsp Fat—-olive oil, bacon fat, ghee, to sautee

Salt and pepper to taste

Put your fat in a pan with medium heat

Add garlic and jalepeno to sizzle to aromatic, a minute or two

Add Dandy.

Sautee until the garlic is golden, and the greens are well wilted and soft.

S&P to taste!

We had them with eggs, in ramen, with rice, use as your green veggie of choice until they are out of season!


Let me know how you like to prepare the dandiest Dandelion!




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